We offer a modern and reliable data processing center (DPC) for hosting your servers. The data center has all the necessary conditions that allow you to place customer equipment and provide servers for rent.

Our sites are equipped with infrastructure that provides high-quality service:

servers in a data center PIN
2U (350Вт)
1U (350Вт) 1Gbit shared
3U (350Вт)
The server hosting service includes:

Server placement in the Data Center according to the form factor of the equipment;

connection to port 1000 Mbps;

2 IP addresses from different class C subnets;

rebooting the server on demand;
IP-kvm, free IPMI (if there is a port on the equipment motherboard);

traffic statistics by server;

bandwidth load statistics on demand;

access to equipment (provision of a server to perform work in a separate room);

support for reverse zones.
To order the service, call us right now:
use of additional electrical
placement in a rack on a separate
additional IP address.

We accept servers of
various form factors: 1unit,
2Unit, 3Unit, 4Unit, 5Unit, Tower, Big Tower.
Additional services:
T+1 double air conditioning system
Technical support 24/7/365
Uninterruptible power supply guarantee for category 1 (diesel generators)
Channel redundancy (several independent optical inputs)

Total capacity-channels more than 120 Gbit / s

Free unlimited traffic without ratios and without cutting the band (Russian/foreign)
+7 (812) 677-25-25
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